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The following are excerpts of an interview which

Zack Zalon

gave with netZooTV

Elevator Labs is a construct which gives Elevator Labs can ideate, fund, accelerate and launch new businesses. Most of the business managing partner Zack Zalon and  Brendon Cassidy focus on are in the interactive space and focus exclusively in the Los Angeles area.

Innovation is a big part of the philosophy Elevator Labs, and innovation is part of the investment philosophy. Invention is the core strength of Elevator Labs.

The core members of Elevator Labs have come from Virgin Digital including managing partners Brendon Cassidy. Zack Zalon states that the primary focus of Virgin Digital is that they are an invention company and Elevator Labs is influenced by the way Virgin Digital operated. Zack and Brendan's experience spun off into Wilshire Media Group which is still operating and focused on invention.

Zack Zalon

Over the last 5 years with Wilshire Media Group Zack and Brendon have also been inventing things for themselves which has spun off into the their newest incarnation of Elevator Labs.

The Westwood located Elevator Labs recently received 20 million dollars in funding.

Brendon Cassidy and

Zack Zalon

are 2 idea guys that we should definitely keep our eye on to do big things in the Los Angeles start up scene.